University of Oulu International Scholarships

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The University of Oulu International Scholarship Scheme is inviting international students that are academically talented and already studying in the university of Oulu for a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree to apply for this scholarship.

Some points to note

Level; Bachelors degree and Masters degree

Country: Finland

Start Date: Autumn 2022

Deadline: 19 Jan 2022 ( Annual)

Host University:University of Oulu in Finland

Fields of Study for this scholarship:

2-year International Masters Programmes or 5-year International Bachelor’s Programmes. See the list of programmes here.

Target group:

International students who are liable to pay the tuition fees (citizens of non-EU/EEA countries)

Lets’s have a quick look at all the benefits included in this scholarship and the value of the scholarship below.


The scholarships will be granted in the form of a tuition fee waiver covering 50% or 75% or 100% of the tuition fee after the first study year.

In order to retain the scholarship in the following year of study, a student must have completed at minimum 60 credits by the end of the previous academic year.



Applicants have to meet the admissions criteria and should be liable to pay the tuition fee. University of Oulu Scholarships can be received only once.

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The scholarship application will be processed in the selection procedure only if the applicant meets the admissions criteria.

The selection criteria for the University of Oulu Scholarship are based on previous academic performance and academic potential.

Application instructions:

Applications for the International Scholarship are submitted together with the application for the preferred study option. The application period for the University of Oulu International Master’s Scholarships is 5 January – 19 January 2022 (15.00 GMT +2).

This is not the official website of the university: TO APPLY CLICK HERE

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