Reality tv: Tsatsii And kanaga Are Creating Content In The B@thr00m..She’s Worried About Her Parents” – BBTitans Ipeleng And Lukay Discuss Tsatsii And Kanaga (Details)

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Reality tv Ipeleng and Lukay, housemates on Big Brother Titans, have talked about Tsatsii and Kanaga, their colleagues.

Ipeleng claims that despite Tsatsii’s declaration that she is concerned about what her parents would think of her, she and Kanaga are creating content in the bathroom.

Reality tv Ipeleng claimed that Tsatsii was so engrossed in the bathroom that she forgot to put out her food on fire, and when it started to burn, Ipeleng had to go and call her up.

In response to Ipeleng’s confession, Lukay claimed that because Tsatsii really liked Kanaga, he had advised her to own her truth.

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Since the beginning of the program, Reality tv Tsatsii from South Africa and Kanaga from Nigeria have remained close even though they initially tried to play brother and sister; however, things eventually changed along the way. Fans of the reality TV show have already Ship the two together.

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